I Just Had a Baby, I do not Care about Weight Loss

Right after I had my second son, Quinn, I had some visitors that I would like to keep anonymous just encase they are interested in reading this blog. One of these visitors, in the name of love, started to give me a lecture about my weight and how I need to lose or I am going to have health issues down the road. My goodness! You women out there who have had babies know that the first thing you do not want to be lectured on is your weight (expecially after having a c-section). I thought I had been doing well. I only gained two pounds through the whole pregnancy and when I did have Quinn, I dropped to 215. Then, with breastfeeding, I was able to maintain around 213. I was proud of myself and comfortable with where I was for the moment. I was just not ready to face the music, but I knew inevitably it was going to have to happen!

This is just a side note, the visitor that felt the need to prematurely give me advice on my weight was a male. A women who has had children can understand that a male will never understand what a female goes through to have that baby so he really should be the last one to give advice about weight loss. Just a piece of advice to males out there, with the surge of hormones that take place afterbirth, a woman is not going to be thinking about her weight. She is going to focused on getting herself back together. I would not even think about handing out any advice on weight loss until it comes from her first otherwise it will end in her feelings getting hurt and your pride bruised from your help being rejected.

If you don’t do what’s best for your body, you’re the one who comes up on the short end. Julius Erving

Previous Struggles with Weightloss

As stated before, my attempt to write this blog is to put information out there to not only help others lose weight but to help others live a healthier lifestyle. My past struggles with my weight has been interlinked to being uneducated on proper nutrition. As far back as I can remember (preteens) I have always struggled with my weight. I would be on this rollercoaster ride of being at a comfortable weight to gaining weight and being uncomfortable and self conscious. I remember the only person to really pay attention to me when I was uncomfortable with my weight was my Grandmother. I spent a couple of weeks of  the summer with her plus weekends out of the school year and if she ever heard me complain about my weight, she always tried to help me (through dieting) to get me back to a place where I was comfortable again. Unfortunately, at the beginning of my adulthood to where I am currently (26 years old) I have steadily gained 80lbs total. There were a few times where I tried to lose weight but I just did not have the proper perspective to take the proper actions.

Do not get me wrong, I did the research to find out how I could lose weight and what usually worked for me was calorie counting and exercising. However, I was starving all the time and it caused eating binges and because of not being able to get my eating under control, the exercising was useless.

Finally, I gave up! I thought about here and there but for the most part I did not look in the mirror, I just got up day by day, got dressed and went on with my business. What has changed me and brought me to writing this for my readers is that I could not ignore my weight anymore because it was causing physical problems that have been hindering me from functioning properly. I am married and I have two precious boys and I have to be able to be there for those boys. I decided I could not waist my life anymore being miserable when I knew something was wrong. After my second son was born, I took control, I knew there was away that I could lose weight and keep it off and what I have found you will have to discover by tuning in!

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time. Thomas A. Edison

The Birth of My Second Son Drove Me to Say “Enough is Enough”

I reached my all time high before I was pregnant with Quinn and that was 238 lbs. For some that may not be overweight, but for me being a 5’5 female, that weight is considered obesity. I was forunate through the pregnancy because I only gained two pounds. I know that sounds crazy but I had morning sickness up until 24 weeks so I was very nauseated most of the time and I did not have much of an appetite. When I went into labor I weighed in at 240 lbs. What was unfornate about the situation is that I was robbed of joy because I was miserable thru the whole pregnancy. I was in pain through most of it, I could barely function, and I ended up with sleep apnea. It would be easy to say “oh thats just pregnancy for you” but I knew deep down that I was experiencing all these issues because of all the extra weight I was carrying prior to my pregnancy and because of the poor choices I was making with food. Luckily, because I did not gain much weight, when Quinn was born I weighed in at 215, This was my first step toward my weight loss and healthy lifestyle journey. Image